Installing a new macOS update on your system should be a reasonably simple task, but there can be some ups and downs along the way. Do not worry, just read through the article to be able to install the latest update smoothly. There will be a pop-up notification on your Mac whenever there is a new update. It may even be already downloaded depending on your settings; all you need to do is just install it. If not, then you just have to download...

  • Aug 06 , 2019
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Wondering how to make an animated movie clip with your Android phone. You only require an Android phone with a stop motion animation app. Today, we are going to talk about just that. A stop motion app helps a person to create stop motion animated videos. We have sorted out some of the best apps that have helped thousands of people to create animated clips. So, here are Best Stop Motion Apps For Android Devices Stop Motion Studio Stop Motion Moti...

  • Jul 09 , 2019
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If you often forget things here and there and worry about losing your phone in any way, you must set up the tracking system before anything terrible happens. It is easy to find a lost or stolen phone if it is connected to the internet. All the associated tracking options are connected with Google. Hence it is necessary to have a dedicated Google account as well. Let's go through the whole finding process step by step. Locating an Android phone us...

  • Jun 28 , 2019
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By using the internet service, Fios permits you to watch all your favorite TV shows and movies in a few minutes. In case you are not able to understand any line of your favorite TV show, then you can use the Closed Captioning feature on your Fios TV. Here's how to turn Closed Captioning on or off on Fios TV.   Steps to Turn Captioning On or Off on Fios TV Pick up your remote of Fios TV. Open the Settings tab through the arrow key provided o...

  • Jun 21 , 2019
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Group texting is a great feature for the iPhone and iPad users who are running the iOS 10  or later version. In this article, we will explain the steps to add your friends to the Group conversation on iOS 10 or iOS 11. Here's How to Add Someone to Group Text on Your iOS 10 and iOS 11 Steps to Start a Group Text on Your iOS 10 and iOS 11 Search for the Message application provided on the iPhone. Press on the Messages application for opening ...

  • Jun 14 , 2019
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  Setting up your television as a computer monitor is quite easy and helps users in making their display screen much more bigger in comparison to a standard computer monitor. By making your television as a display for your computer, you can use it as an external monitor which could help you in various scenarios like meetings, presentations, watching movies, gaming and much more. But to convert your television into a monitor screen, users wil...

  • Jun 04 , 2019
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You can make your Apple Watch look exciting by giving an appealing, colorful face to it through the Kaleidoscope watch face. There are three default Kaleidoscope options and eight default photos option to make your watch look beautiful and exciting. Use the below-given methods for creating and using Kaleidoscope Watch Face being offered on the Apple Watch. Creating a Kaleidoscope Watch Face For creating a new watch face, there are two particular ...

  • May 30 , 2019
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Adobe Photoshop includes many custom shapes, but triangles are not a part of it. You can easily make your own triangle by clicking at once. In case you are a new user of the Photoshop application and want to know how you can make a triangle in this application, then you need to follow the instructions mentioned below.   Steps for Making a Triangle in Photoshop Go to the Photoshop application. Choose a new canvas. You can place a new layer b...

  • May 20 , 2019
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In case you and your family use the same Nintendo Switch, and you are looking for a way to leverage Nintendo Switch Online, then there are a couple of options. While each member of the family can set up their individual account, they can also set up a family account and save bucks by availing the Nintendo Switch Online's family membership. Start by creating individual Nintendo accounts for all the members of the family Well, before you start with...

  • May 13 , 2019
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It is not uncommon for any smart device user to face a significant issue associated to the storage and Samsung has come up with a sensational breakthrough to resolve this day to day problem by introducing more than a half TB EVO Select microSD memory card. Be it Android phones, iPhones, Laptops, Tablets, Camera or gaming console like Nintendo Switch; all such device users will be able to store more than 500GB of data files and eliminate all your ...

  • May 08 , 2019
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Rumble Stars is an unpredictable MMORTS mobile soccer game available on iOS and Android. This Clash Royale-style arena battler is incredibly fun to play.  To help you get up to speed quickly, here are some best tips and tricks to get you gaming to your best in Rumble Stars Tips to Win Rumble Star Matches  Familiarize Yourself with the Basics If you thought that Rumble Stars features a familiar football field with animals as players, t...

  • May 07 , 2019
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It has been a splendid week for every Fortnite fan as a crossover between Marvel and Epic Games have introduced an exclusive Fortnite X Avengers limited time event. In addition to the latest Black Widow skin, players can now also access a brand new wearable of hit Star-Lord character from the Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy movie. A recent post on the official Twitter account of Fortnite reveals the new Star-Lord pack for fans to enjoy the ongoi...

  • May 01 , 2019
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Printers become one of the essential devices which help users in keeping any record, information, data or anything in the print form on A4 size paper and save them for years in a secure print. Using print one can print any information, data, media files or any other information which users want in a physical form. Printer makes our life easy and smooth by simply making work easy. Apart from this, printers can be easily utilized by millions of use...

  • Apr 26 , 2019
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HP manufactures plenty of printers which are easily available in the market with different cost, features, and brands. However, it is essential for users to have printers which perform various functions such as printing, faxing, scanning and many others or which fulfill all the requirements of the organizations in just one platform. To keep it in their mind HP provides several different models for their users, and it is available in the market at...

  • Apr 16 , 2019
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