Top 5 Best Stop Motion Apps For Android Devices

Wondering how to make an animated movie clip with your Android phone. You only require an Android phone with a stop motion animation app. Today, we are going to talk about just that. A stop motion app helps a person to create stop motion animated videos. We have sorted out some of the best apps that have helped thousands of people to create animated clips.

So, here are

Best Stop Motion Apps For Android Devices

  • Stop Motion Studio
  • Stop Motion
  • Motion
  • Clayframes
  • PicPac

So, what's the wait! Let's dive in.

  1. Stop Motion Studio

It is a full animation studio for one who is willing to add lives to their animation. This app has many useful features such as overlay mode which shows the difference between the present and previous frames. It will help you correct the placement of the object in a scene. Stop motion Studio have many other features that make sit the best stop motion app, such as onion mode, focus, and zoom, grid, and editing frames. This app also supports 4K resolution videos. It can also be considered as a good video editor too and can be a useful tool for a You Tuber.

  1. Stop Motion

In this app, you can create stop motion, claymation, and other types of animation. It provides two types of overlays: grid and onion. It also comes with a free version which allows one to create stop motion videos in a low resolution. In the free version, you will also experience ads. The pro version has many features and is highly affordable.

  1. Motion

This app has both stop motion and time-lapse animation, that means this app will make you more versatile. It also has a flipbook feature which allows one to choose gallery images as a frame in your animated video. Motion is providing many useful features to create a beautiful animation such as a timer, add audio, editing frames, exporting to the gallery and other.

  1. Clayframes

Onion skinning with preview loop enables you to revise your video as you are creating your clip. The finalized animated clip can be saved as MP4 and AVI format. This app has several unique functionalities that other apps do not have. It has the remote gesture feature which uses built-in sensors of your phone to work. You may clap or use a Bluetooth enabled device to control it. The audio tracks and other sound effects can be easily imported into the video.

  1. PicPac

This app uses Stop motion and time-lapse techniques to create an incredible video. PicPac is enabled with sound gestures such as it can click a shot when you clap. This function makes it accessible when you are shooting a fast moving object. The sound effects and soundtracks can be added, and the images from the gallery can also be used as a frame. The free version works awesomely but adds a watermark at the bottom of the video. 

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