If you often forget things here and there and worry about losing your phone in any way, you must set up the tracking system before anything terrible happens. It is easy to find a lost or stolen phone if it is connected to the internet. All the associated tracking options are connected with Google. Hence it is necessary to have a dedicated Google account as well. Let's go through the whole finding process step by step. Locating an Android phone us...

  • Jun 28 , 2019
  • 340
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  Setting up your television as a computer monitor is quite easy and helps users in making their display screen much more bigger in comparison to a standard computer monitor. By making your television as a display for your computer, you can use it as an external monitor which could help you in various scenarios like meetings, presentations, watching movies, gaming and much more. But to convert your television into a monitor screen, users wil...

  • Jun 04 , 2019
  • 186
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