Samsung's New 512GB microSD Memory Will Resolve All Your Storage Needs!

It is not uncommon for any smart device user to face a significant issue associated to the storage and Samsung has come up with a sensational breakthrough to resolve this day to day problem by introducing more than a half TB EVO Select microSD memory card.

Be it Android phones, iPhones, Laptops, Tablets, Camera or gaming console like Nintendo Switch; all such device users will be able to store more than 500GB of data files and eliminate all your worries related to storage.

Samsung's new Evo Select 512GB microSD card is equivalent to about half TB of storage capacity which can help users in storing memorable pictures, videos and moments with ease and ensure their collective data at a single destination.

All those who have a Nintendo Switch consoles can avail this exciting product to instantly upgrade there devices storage capacity which would allow them to ensure many more titles on their Switch device.

 Currently, the Samsung Evo Select 512GB microSD card is set at $99.99 on Amazon and is quite a cheaper option to extend your existing storage capacity. Although SanDisk also offers 400GB microSD card for just $63.57, still the advantage of availing more than half TB of storage lies with Samsung which also supports high-speed data transfer of 30-40 Mbps.

This new Evo microSD would enable users with the capability of storing a tremendous amount of data in ultra high specs. For instance, professional cameraman and video operators can utilize this microSD storage device to restore their 60 fps 4K videos or High Definition images for maximum productivity.

Regardless of utilizing high-end devices with top-notch hardware, a user does face the storage issue later down the years which restricts users to save more data on their devices due to the constant fear of slowing down their systems.

So such users can opt for this new Samsung external microSD card to ascertain more than half TB of data with high end transferring speed as this Evo 512GB microSD card features in-built UHS Class 3 which enables ultra-high read and writing speeds.

Such specs allow the Evo Select SD card to function with a multiple number of devices which provides the freedom to the user to use this hardware with any number of devices. Moreover, the microSD comes with an SD adapter which enables the card to be inserted in Laptops and computers.

This exciting new product from Samsung would enable users with an option of choosing a cheaper alternative to resolve their storage-related problems by allowing them to avail 512GB of storage space at such an affordable price.


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  • May 08 , 2019
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