How to Fix HP Printer 'Ink System Failure' Error?

How to Fix HP Printer 'Ink System Failure' Error?

HP manufactures plenty of printers which are easily available in the market with different cost, features, and brands. However, it is essential for users to have printers which perform various functions such as printing, faxing, scanning and many others or which fulfill all the requirements of the organizations in just one platform. To keep it in their mind HP provides several different models for their users, and it is available in the market at very affordable prices. Though, separately from amazing features, their customer service is extremely amazing. Well, there are several benefits of using the HP printers, but sometimes getting stuck in some errors might irritating and quite annoying for users. These errors are common and occurred due to various reasons. Let's talk about one of the most common HP printer error message 'Ink System Failure.'

Nevertheless, the HP printer error message 'Ink System Failure' is an error which is associated with ink cartridges and it has been directly related to touch screen control panel error. Most of the time this error message 'Ink System Failure' appears on the screen in alphanumeric codes. Usually, it depends on the printer models such as 0XC or 0XB, and many others. Although there is the various reason behind the occurrence of this error message appears but don't worry this type of error can easily be fixed by following a few simple steps. Some most common causes of this error are discussed below:

  • When the ink cartridges filled in the printer is not compatible.
  • When the HP printer cannot be able to read the recently installed ink cartridges.
  • Ink cartridges might be empty or finished to print.
  • When blocked the ink cartridges vents and print head.

Ways to Fix HP Printer 'Ink System Failure' Error

Well, there are many ways to fix this HP printer 'Ink System Failure' error. Here we provide a few solutions which help you in troubleshooting the error easily. In order to save your time and efforts, we suggest you follow the steps in the right series as given below. In case, you are following the steps in the incorrect sequence; their steps are more difficult and much time-consuming. Learn how to fix the HP printer 'Ink System Failure' error:

Solution-1: Try to Use Authentic HP Ink Cartridges

To prevent this type of 'Ink System Failure' error, we suggest you that always trying to use the authentic or authorized HP ink or toner supplies in your HP printer. As HP cannot provide any guarantee about quality or consistency of non-HP or some refilled cartridges. For checking the authenticity of your cartridges, we recommend you to visit to the HP-anti-counterfeit webpage and ensure which type of ink cartridges you are using.

Solution-2: Reset the HP Printer

Many times, resetting the HP printer can help you in troubleshooting the error message. Here know how to reset the printer easily:

  1. Firstly, 'Power On' the printer.
  2. Now, wait for few minutes or till the printer is silent or idle before you start working.
  3. When your HP printer powered on, detach the power cable from the backside of the printer.
  4. After that, carefully unplug the power cord from the power plug.
  5. Then, wait for at least 1 minute and then follow the below-mentioned process.
  6. Again connect the power cable in the backside of the printer.
  7. Now, power on the printer, if in case it is automatically powered on.
  8. Check that the error message persists or solved 


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