5 Tips and Tricks to Win Rumble Stars Matches

Rumble Stars is an unpredictable MMORTS mobile soccer game available on iOS and Android. This Clash Royale-style arena battler is incredibly fun to play.  To help you get up to speed quickly, here are some best tips and tricks to get you gaming to your best in Rumble Stars

Tips to Win Rumble Star Matches 

  • Familiarize Yourself with the Basics

    If you thought that Rumble Stars features a familiar football field with animals as players, then you are correct. If you have played Badland Brawl before, then you may find the intricacies of Rumble Stars a bit familiar, as both of the games have been made by the same developer. This game features a team of maximum either players that face human opponents from the same level. As you keep on playing, you will be able to bag chests to get better players and cards will let you upgrade your existing players. Whoever scores three points, wins the game automatically.

  • Choose a Winning Team

    Similar to how it is in real soccer, you will not have much chance if you select the wrong team. You need to remember that goals win games, but defense wins championships. You need to find the perfect balance between attackers, midfielders, and defenders. While eight animals can be brought into the soccer field, only half of them are available to a single time. You need to make sure that your team has a couple of all-rounders and panic buttons.

  • Be Patient While Unlocking Rumblers

    You can unlock rumblers when you open chests.  A maximum of four chests can be stored, and only one can be opened at a time. In case the rare-factor of the chest is on the higher side, then you will have to wait longer. For common chests, you need to wait for three hours to unlock them. It is wise to not spend gem in unlocking common chests. The gem can be used to get gold for leveling up the rumblers. You can check the rumblers you have by continuously tapping the multiple shield option.

  • Join a Club

    You and your friends can create a club or join an existing one. This way, you can duel with your buddies to find who has the more powerful deck. For joining a club, you need to swipe towards the right from the main screen of the game. You can also tap the lower shield option located on the game screen. Check out all the available clubs and touch the one you want to join. When you have joined the club, you can send rumbler card requests and play friendly soccer matches with the other members of the club.

  • Keeping Checking the Shop

    The shop is where daily items are available. Once you begin playing the game, you can unlock three out of six slots. The other slots get unlocked at different levels. In the third level, the fourth slot becomes available. Hence, you should level up as quick as possible to bag extra slots. Moreover, claim the free rewards as and when they are available. Do not buy items that you will not be using much; you can just get them from the chests.

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